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Professional Tutoring in the greater Leipzig area

For our Students we are available in person and online, at any place and any time.

Excellent coverage 

We offer qualified Tutoring in every subject, all years and for many different school forms. Watch your grades improve after only a few weeks!

Any place and any time

Via Videochat or in Person? We can even find time on any short notices!



Competent and motivated

Good grades lay the foundation for a future with many options. A push in the right direction at the right time will change your child's academic career in the long run.

Academic success is no coincidence!

Our tutors use modern teaching materials and are working on better strategies every day to keep the student engaged, which has proven itself to be a cornerstone for our success. Every student is accompanied individually on their journey towards their goals.

Our concept


LeviThias Online Nachhilfe zu Hause persönlich

Invest in the future of your child

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Wide range of tutoring offers

Our diverse selection of Tutors enables us to offer tutorship for all years and in every single Subject. Professionally and individually we support our students in any academic struggles which they may come across in their school career.

Tutoring in Mathematics

The classic: Didn't pay attention in class for 5 minutes and now only seeing numbers and letters? We're here to help!

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Tutoring in Englisch

Our students enjoy excellent preparation before any tests or exams, which shows in the grades they receive! Become an English-Pro step by step.

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And many more subjects

Professional tutorship ensures more academic freedom in all subjects like: Physics! Chemistry! Biology! German! Awaken your child's interest in academics!

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Meet our Team of Tutors

We are a Team of under- and postgraduates from in and around Leipzig. Our modern concept and holistic approach allow for long term improvements in the students grades. The most important thing: Enjoying the process of learning. The success speaks for itself.

Our Team


LeviThias online Nachhilfe Team erfolgreich

Greater Leipzig Area 

We provide professional personal Tutoring in Leipzig, Markkleeberg, Zwenkau, Pegau, Groitzsch and anything in between! Online Tutoring allows us to help students score academic successes all over Germany!

Tutoring in Leipzig

For over 4 years we offer tutoring from the comfort of your home. Our great network allows support in all Subjects and classes.

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Tutoring in Zwenkau

As the place where it all began, Zwenkau has been the back bone of the operation. With our vision in mind we have made a name for ourselves here!

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Online tutoring

No matter if at home or on the way to vacation: The LeviThias online tuition provides the maximum flexibility and support in all subjects.

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Numbers und Facts

Experience that LeviThias tutors bring to the table


Years of experience


Successful graduates


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Achieving more together

Alongside our long term partners we strive to improve and optimise the tutoring world.

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Feedback our tutors have recieved

The Student is the most important person in our concept. This is what our customers have to say about our work the greater Leipzig area.

Online Nachhilfe Schüler Rezension

Alle Lehrer, die ich kennen lernen konnte, haben viel Spaß bei ihrer Arbeit und im Erklären. Die Nachhilfe ist wirklich super und ist auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert, wenn es Probleme im Studium oder der Schule gibt.

Kyra H.

Online Nachhilfe Schüler Bewertung

Ich finde die ganze Sache klasse! Matthias zeigt sehr viel Leidenschaft und motiviert jeden einzelnen! Der Vorteil ist, dass er sich auf dich allein konzetrieren kann und nicht wie die Lehrer auf 20 Leute. Dadurch lernt man einfach schneller und es macht auch sehr viel Spaß!

Dean J.

Online Nachhilfe Mathe Beste

Nach der ersten Kontaktaufnahme kam innerhalb weniger Stunden die Rückmeldung. Die Probestunde folgte zwei Tage später und lief 1A. Meine Eltern und ich sind von Anfang an rundum zufrieden mit der Nachhilfe in Mathematik! Vielen Dank an das super Team!

Flavia F.

Online Nachhilfe Student zufrieden

Meine Rettung im Studium!🙏🏽

Eric M.

Beste Online Nachhilfe in Mathe

Ich nehme Online Nachhilfe in Mathematik und es ist alles in allem sehr hilfreich. Nette Menschen, die Spaß am Erklären haben und einem sehr gut weiterhelfen können. Außerdem ist es mit dem Online Call so, als würde man direkt nebeneinander sitzen. Klasse!

Charlie R.

How to find LeviThias Tutoring offline in Zwenkau

Come by personally! Our Headquarters are at Grüne Gasse 4, 04442 Zwenkau. Only 10 minutes by foot from the bus stops "Am Bahnhof" and "Zur Kotzschbarhöhe"!


Any questions? Let us know!

We are constantly striving to improve our tutoring-concept and your comment or question will make the difference! Clear communication is part of our vision. Do not hesitate to contact us!